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Director . Writer . Actor

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REKLAW is the twisted brain child of multi-hyphenate creator POLARIS BANKS. Refusing to sacrifice any quality for comfort, Polaris generated the entire budget for his proof of concept by participating in clinical trials over five years and living out of rental cars to save money. He then moved into a small airplane hangar to construct his massive set, which he designed and built in six months by himself. Committed to shooting on 35mm, Polaris meticulously video storyboarded the entire movie with stand-ins to make sure not a single foot was wasted. Like Hitchcock and Spielberg, he edits in camera. This method focuses his visions and assembles the film in its entirety before ever rolling camera.

Reklaw Video Storyboarding Side by Side
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To add to his creative talents, Polaris served as a principal member of the cast, comfortably directing from in front of the camera and performing the majority of the stunts. He even earned a festival nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2021. Polaris continued his thorough involvement in post by taking on multiple key roles including editor, sound designer, foley artist, and colorist, the last of which he completed in a car during a snowstorm power outage. His efforts are the epitome of the obsessive pursuit of perfection in filmmaking.

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From the producers - To note, the producers of the feature version of REKLAW have never seen such tenacity in creating 12 minutes of live action cinema. Polaris’s experience has given him the creative vocabulary to communicate fluently with both artists and technicians. We look forward to helping him immerse himself again in the feature version of this powerful and unique film. To quote one reviewer, “He has a masterpiece in the works here.”

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