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LetterBoxd: Various Reviews

Cinema is a language, and Polaris Banks speaks it fluently. There’s a wonderful level of control to how this film is shot and edited. If one could invest in filmmakers like a stock, I’d be willing to bet my savings on this one. - GutterMan2049

GOD DAMN this is probably my favorite short I’ve seen so far!! It’s absolutely bursting with story & characters I need to know more about ASAP, so please god (& Polaris Banks) give us the feature!!! - del

I NEED this to be a movie. - Gamba

Honestly if this were a TV series or feature film, I’d watch it. - Allie

I would LOVE to see a feature length film version of this story. I need more background into this world and characters. A very entertaining 12 minutes. - Shannon

Would like to see a feature film of this. - Andrew Taylor

That's cinema. - Danny

This absolutely needs to be a feature. - Andrew

I'd definitely like to see more from them! - Emo Philips

I admit that I don't know much about short films, but boy I sure did enjoy this one. It's kind of remarkable what a talented director can accomplish in only 12 mins. I definitely recommend spending the small amount of time it takes to check this out. Stylized, brutal, and cool. - kylo_ren_memes

Oh dude I need more! So intriguing. Like the ultimate what if situation! It may only be like 12 minutes long, but it hooked me from the get go... and I will be thinking about it every time something happens from now on... - Ammwf

The concept is ripe for further exploration. - sarahconor

This is my favorite SXSW 2021 short, features a concise and interesting narrative with some surprisingly good writing. - Yellowjumpsuit

This was fun & I would love to see a feature-length film. - exorcismemily

The vibe to me is like the quirkiness of ‘Please Be Kind Rewind,’ meets the nighttime surreal mischief seen in ‘Nightcrawler,’ which is a big compliment. It really was a refreshingly fun short film with lots of misfit criminals doing weird stuff. - Michael O'Keefe

This is an awesome short with an awesome idea at its core. Its hilarious, witty, and brewing with series or film potential. - Chichobutt89

Let me add to the chorus hoping for something longer. - rjtougas

I really like the fuck-the-prison-system aspect. - Sarah

I would watch this if it were a series. It could be really fun. - Benjamin Leonard

I’d really like to see this one expanded into a feature. - Marc B

I would watch a movie or series made from this in a heartbeat. - Jody Webster

It's an intriguing idea and begs for way more than a short. I love the look of all of this, from the strange eye-covered lens the team wears to the shock ending. And I want so much more. - bandsaboutmovie

Love the concept and execution. There's a whole lot going on, and I would love to see more in a feature. - Ian Wilder

This was an incredible concept. - Caroline Rose

It's sweater weather, motherfuckers! This short got movie or series potential. - Wiccaburr

"Why don't we just close are eyes and go LALALALALALA" Now this is a cool short, very unique idea that would make a cool feature length. - Dominic

A lot of fun! - Lonzo Bentley

The writing in this is terrific. So many ideas explored that it really needs more than 12 minutes to truly get the full experience. - David

Interesting premise! - Bobby Harris

Great stuff! - Matthew

The glasses are such a good, fun and quirky idea for a disguise. - Suneel Mistry

I'd watch a full length version. - Tom Saramoden

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